We are the distributor and agent for a wide range of measuring, calibration and test equipment, including computerised Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) with laser probe and Video Measuring Systems (VMS). Please contact us if you do not find the equipment that you need in the list below.


S/No. Description Image
1 Manual Measuring Machine MUMA Manual Measuring Machine
2 VMS Manual Vision Measuring Machning Manual Vision Measuring Machine
 3  VME Manual Vision Measuring Machine  Sales of Eqpt3
 4  VMP Manual Vision Measuring Machine  Sales of Eqpt4
 5  VMH Manual Vision Measuring Machine  Sales of Eqpt5
 6  VMC Automatic Vision Measuring Machine  Sales of Eqpt6
 7  NV300 Automatic Vision Measuring Machine  Sales of Eqpt7
 8  NV700 Automatic Vision Measuring Machine Sales of Eqpt8
 9  NV1700 Automatic Vision Measuring Machine  Sales of Eqpt9
 10  MMF Manual Coordinate Measuring Machine  Sales of Eqpt10
 11  CMF CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine Sales of Eqpt11
 12  LFM Laser Flatness Measurement Instrument  Sales of Eqpt12
 13  3D Laser Scanner  Sales of Eqpt13
 14  IDP 3D Measuring System  Sales of Eqpt14
 15  OM 3D Measuring System  Sales of Eqpt15
 16  SO 3D Measuring System  Sales of Eqpt16
 17  MSV Broad Vision Field Vision Measuring Machine  Sales of Eqpt17
 18  XJP-100 Metallographic Microscope  Sales of Eqpt18
 19  JSZ6 Stereoscopic Microscope Sales of Eqpt19
 20  XLE-1 Large Platform Microscope  Sales of Eqpt20



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